Discord Promote was originally established on May 9th 2018 as a discord channel. A few days later, Xyphien created DiscordPromote.com on May 11th 2018. The reasoning behind the website is to further help everyone promote their discord servers. Now with the launch of Discord Promote’s website Discord Promote has a full promotion system to  display.



1. Whats a server I.D.?

A server ID is what allows us to display your servers current logged on members on your post. This can have a huge effect on gaining a following with your server. There’s people looking for large server, and also those trying to help establish small servers.


2. Where do you find the server I.D.?

Go into your server on discord. Then click Server Setting, Click Widget and you should see your server I.D. From there you should also ensure your Enable Server Widget is checked on.


3. I posted my server I.D. but nothing shows up, why is this?

This is most likely caused by you not having your Widget Enabled. To enable it, see question #2.